14 Best Headphones Under 7000 in India (2021)

Headphones are irreplaceable accessories for people, especially for youngsters. They spend a lot of money buying quality headphones but they end up buying worthless headphones.

They do not know about the specifications and technologies used in the headphones. That is why we have picked the 14 best headphones under 7000 in India.

But before you see the list of the best headphones under 7000 you should know about some of the basic types and features of headphones.

Types of Headphones

In-Ear Headphones (In-Ear Monitors)

In-ear headphones are also called In-ear Monitors and it is one of the most used and popular headphone types.

In-ear headphones provide great quality and good comfort. They are available for a cheaper price and sometimes you can get them as free accessories along with your new mobile.

The cost of In-ear headphones is not as high as Over-ear or On-ear headphones.

They are also called canalphones because these In-ear headphones can be easily inserted into your ear canals without any difficulties.

In-ear headphones with earbuds are perfectly fit in your ear and provide great noise isolation.


Some of the notable advantages of In-ear headphones are given below and they are

– More portable

  • In-ear headphones are said to be more portable than Over-ear and On-ear headphones.
  • It is because these headphones are lightweight and smaller in size.

– Great Noise Isolation

  • The soft earbuds of these headphones provide great noise isolation and block most of the external noise.
  • The noise isolation is due to the design of the headphones that will perfectly cover your ear canals and blocks as much as external noise.

– Low Cost

  • In-ear headphones are cheaper than Over-ear and On-ear headphones.
  • You can even buy In-ear headphones at a very low price that is below INR 100.

– Availability

  • In-ear headphones are more available than other types of headphones.
  • In-ear headphones are also available in multiple colors whereas the Over-ear and On-ear headphones are not available in multiple colors.


Some of the disadvantages of In-ear headphones are given below and they are

– Sound Performance

  • The sound performance of In-ear headphones is not greater than Over-ear and On-ear headphones.

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On-Ear Headphones (Supra-aural Headphones)

On-ear headphones are also called supra-aural headphones and they come up with unique features.

On-ear headphones perfectly sit on your ears and it is not larger like Over-ear headphones.

The compact design of On-ear headphones makes them more portable than over-ear headphones.

The ear cups of On-ear headphones provide great noise isolation but not as great as Over-ear headphones.

On-ear headphones are not as heavy as Over-ear headphones and the design and looks of On-ear headphones are very good.


Some of the notable advantages of On-ear headphones are given below and they are

– Sound Quality

  • The sound quality and bass tones of On-ear headphones are greater than the In-ear headphones.
  • Even the high-end In-ear headphones cannot match the sound quality of On-ear headphones.

– Compact size

  • The compact size is very helpful in carrying them and it is not bigger and heavier like Over-ear headphones.
  • With the help of a foldable option, you can fold the On-ear headphones which result in saving further space.

– Less Heat

  • When compared to Over-ear headphones, the ear cups of the On-ear headphones do not warm very fast like Over-ear headphones.


Some of the disadvantages of On-ear headphones are given below and they are

– Sound Leakage

  • The On-ear headphones do not cover your ears completely so they will cause some sound leakage while listening to songs.

– Not Comfortable for Long Usage

  • On-ear headphones are not suitable for long usage because they cause discomfort like pain or numbness in your ears.
  • However, the soft ear cups will reduce the pain, it is not great to use for long hours.

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Over-Ear Headphones (Circumaural Headphones)

Over-ear headphones are also called Circumaural headphones. Over-ear headphones are the king of headphones when it comes to quality.

No other types of headphones like On-ear and In-ear headphones can compete with Over-ear headphones in quality.

This Over-ear type of headphones was first designed by a Jazz musician John Koss.

The first-ever Over-ear headphones made by John Koss are named Koss SP-3 which are successfully sold all over the world.

People who want a high-quality music experience can buy these Over-ear types of headphones. It also provides various features along with great quality.


Some of the notable advantages of Over-ear headphones are given below and they are

– Great Noise Isolation

  • The ear cups of Over-ear headphones completely cover your ears so it blocks most of the external noise from reaching your ears.
  • The noise isolation in Over-ear headphones is far greater than In-ear and On-ear headphones.

– Impeccable Sound Quality

  • Over-ear headphones have no competitors when it comes to audio quality and sound performance.
  • Even some of the high-end On-ear and In-ear headphones are no match for middle-tier Over-ear headphones.

– Comfort

  • Over-ear headphones do not cause pain or numbness like On-ear headphones.
  • Over-ear headphones do not fall off easily from your ears so it does not need extra care.


Some of the disadvantages of Over-ear headphones are given below and they are

– High Cost

  • The cost of Over-ear headphones is higher than the On-ear and In-ear headphones.

– Weight and Size

  • Over-ear headphones are larger and heavier than both In-ear and On-ear headphones.

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Wired Headphones (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Wired headphones are used by everyone because they are traditional types of headphones. Wired headphones are very low in cost and available in multiple colors.

The wired headphones work on a play-and-play system so the older people also feel it is very easy to use wired headphones.

Wired headphones are more portable and compatible with many electronic devices.


Some of the notable advantages of wired headphones are given below and they are

– Simple and Portable

  • Wired headphones are easy to use and they do not have any complex features.
  • These headphones can be taken anywhere you want because it does not require large space in your bags.

– Unlimited Playback Time

  • Wired headphones provide unlimited playback time and this is one of the best advantages of wired headphones.
  • Wired headphones will work continuously until you get tired of music and it does not require charging.

– Compatible

  • Wired headphones are compatible with all electronic devices with a 3.5 mm jack.
  • You can connect to electronic devices like keyboard, guitar, Xbox One, Android, iOS, PC, laptop, etc.


Some of the disadvantages of wired headphones are given below and they are

– Restrict Movements

  • Wired headphones restrict your movement around the devices because the movements can cause you to unplug the headphones.

– Tangling Cables

  • This is one of the big disadvantages of wired headphones but many companies have come up with solutions and produce tangle-free wired headphones.

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Wireless Headphones (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Wireless technology has invaded the technology in various fields and it captured the headphones market too.

Many big smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple have decided to remove the 3.5 mm jack. This makes their mobile compatible with headphones with Bluetooth technology.

Wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology for connection and new technology like NFC fast pairing makes the connection even faster.


Some of the notable advantages of wireless headphones are given below and they are

– Freedom of Movements

  • Wireless headphones do not restrict your movement around the devices and you can move anywhere within the range of Bluetooth connection.
  • You can move freely without disturbing the connection between headphones and smartphones.

– Truly Wireless

  • Truly wireless headphones do not have any wires so it will eliminate the problem of the tangling cable.

– Compatible

  • Wireless headphones are compatible with any devices that have a Bluetooth connection.


Some of the disadvantages of wireless headphones are given below and they are

– High-cost

  • The cost of wireless headphones is much higher than the wired headphones.
  • The low-tier wireless headphones are costlier than the middle-tier wired headphones.

– Limited Playback Time

  • Wireless headphones cannot be used for long hours because they need charging to work continuously.
  • This is considered one of the big disadvantages of wireless headphones.

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Closed-back Headphones

Headphones with a closed-back design will provide greater passive noise isolation than open-back headphones.

The first-ever stereo headphones with a closed-back design were designed by John Koss and named Koss SP-3.

These headphones will help to enhance your bass response and provide high-quality music.

Closed-back headphones do not leak sound to the surroundings because of the design.

The great noise isolation of these headphones allows you to listen to every detail of music beats.

This is the best headphone for music lovers but these headphones greatly disconnect the external noise so you will not be aware of the surroundings.

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Open-back Headphones

One of the great headphone brands – Sennheiser, introduced an open-back design.

These headphones have built-in gaps that allow external sound and air to pass through. Open-back headphones are not as heavy as closed-back headphones.

These headphones will help you to be aware of your surroundings by allowing external sound through the built-in gaps of headphones.

This type of headphones will make you feel like you are sitting with the musicians in an open space rather than a closed studio.

One of the big disadvantages of open-back headphones is it does not provide great noise isolation.

But these headphones are good for traveling because you can be aware of your current situation and surroundings.

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Technologies Used in Headphones

Nowadays, headphones come with a lot of new and innovative technologies built into them. Many people did not know what those technologies are meant to do. So we have given a short description of each technology.

Noise-canceling technology

Noise-canceling technology is one of the important technologies used in headphones. There are two types of noise-canceling technology used in the headphones and they are

  • Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Technology
  • Passive Noise Canceling (PNC) Technology

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology

Active noise-canceling technology eliminates the external noise by producing counter frequencies and cancels those noises completely.

But those counter frequencies require some power so the battery of the headphones with active noise canceling technology will drain out soon.

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Passive Noise Canceling (PNC) Technology

Passive noise-canceling technology blocks the external noise by physical material like ear cups and earbuds.

Most big brands prefer PNC technology because ANC features will cause some distortion in original music.

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Noise Canceling Technology in Microphone

Noise-canceling technology in the microphone is very useful while attending professional calls.

These headphones have two microphones in which one is closer to your mouth and the other microphone is a little bit away from your mouth.

The first microphone captures your voice and the second captures the surrounding noise.

Then, they are combined with digital algorithms and subtract the surrounding noise, leaving just your voice.

This feature is very much useful in attending professional calls, conference calls, and important online meetings.

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Multi-point connection

Multi-point connection technology comes in handy for people who want to switch between devices.

You can connect your headphones with both your work and personal phone. This will help you to switch from personal phone to attend the important call of work phone.

You can also attend Skype calls without losing connection to your primary cell phone.

One headphone is enough for connecting two devices and performing multiple functions.

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NFC fast pairing

NFC (Near Field Communication) fast pairing is used to establish a connection between smartphone and headphone very quickly.

To establish the connection instantly you need to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled in both headphone and mobile. Make sure the NFC is also enabled.

Then tap the devices together to establish a two-way secure Bluetooth connection between mobile and headphones.

This technology makes the connection process very simple so that even older people can use headphones.

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Now we will see the detailed description of the 14 best headphones under 7000 in India with pros and cons.

List Of 14 Best Headphones Under 7000 With Pros & Cons

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung produces these headphones with great sound experience and powerful bass tones.

The 2-way dynamic speaker and boosted driver will provide you high-quality music experience.

While attending any calls, you can speak without shouting. The two innovative outer microphones of these headphones will perfectly capture your voice even when you speak in low tones.

The fast-charging system also comes in handy because 3 minutes of charging is enough to listen to 1 hour of music.

These headphones come under truly wireless headphones, that is, they do not have any wires. So you need not worry about tangling-cable problems.

If you want to be aware of your surroundings, you can turn up the ambient sound that helps you to engage without having to take your earbuds out.

– Pros

  • Compact and ergonomic design for a perfect fit
  • Tangle-free headphones
  • Great music experience and powerful bass tones
  • Fast charging and easy control

– Cons

  • Less comfortable than other headphones
  • Fast battery drain

Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones

These headphones are one of the best headphones under 7000 available on the list.

The 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets will boost bass and audio performance.

These headphones come under Over-ear closed-back headphone type so it provides superior noise isolation even in noisy environments.

The headbands of these headphones are adjusted according to your comfort.

The headbands of these headphones can also be replaceable so you can use these headphones for a long time.

These headphones are suitable for many purposes but it is most suited for studio purposes.

The portability, build, and sound quality of these headphones are very good when compared to other headphones.

The weight of this headphone is 703 grams which is very high when compared to other over-ear headphones.

– Pros

  • Provide great Noise Isolation by Closed-back design
  • Adjustable headbands provide more comfort
  • Replaceable ear cups provide long usage of Headphones

– Cons

  • Heavier than other Over-ear headphones

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300 Headset

Sennheiser is one of the top headphones brands that produce top-quality headphones for various purposes.

The closed-back design of these headphones provides better noise isolation and prevents sound leakage.

The ear cups are made of memory foam and large in size so they can be perfectly fit around your ears.

The split headband spreads the pressure and prevents pain or numbness around your ears.

Another best feature of these headphones is noise-canceling technology implementation in the microphone.

With the help of a noise-canceling microphone, your voice can be captured and transmitted without any background noise.

This headphone is one of the best headphones under 7000 available on the list. It also delivers top-notch sound quality with improved bass response.

– Pros

  • Close-back design provide great noise isolation
  • A noise-canceling microphone is useful in gaming and meeting calls.
  • The split headband spreads the pressure so you can use them for a long time.

– Cons

  • There are no significant cons found in these headphones according to price.

JBL Live 500BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

These headphones from JBL have a TalkThru feature that reduces the volume of the music and enables you to answer the call without removing headphones.

The multi-point connection technology helps you to switch between two devices.

For example, you can switch from your mobile where you hear music to the tablet where you are going to answer the call.

These headphones also have a good battery life of 30 hours. You can get 2 hours of playback time by charging only 15 minutes with the help of fast charging technology.

It supports both wired and wireless connectivity mode so you can have unlimited playback time in wired mode after the headphones are out of charge.

– Pros

  • Both wired and wireless mode of connection is available
  • Good playback time and quick charging
  • Talkthru and Ambient aware feature comes in handy

– Cons

  • There are no significant cons found in these headphones according to price.

HyperX Cloud Core + 7.1 Gaming Headset

These headphones have multi-purpose usage but are more suitable for gaming purposes.

These headphones are compatible with many gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS4, Android devices, and VR systems.

The noise-canceling technology is implemented in the microphone so you can record your voice or talk with your teammates without disturbance of any external sound.

These headphones have an advanced control box, which can perform functions like access mic volume, headset volume, etc. without going into menus.

The sound system will provide a top-notch gaming experience because these headphones have virtual 7.1 surround sound.

However, the sound effects will exceed your expectations in gaming but you should not expect the same quality in hearing music or videos.

It is because these headphones are made for a great gaming experience and usage.

– Pros

  • Perfect choice for a good gaming experience
  • Provide good noise isolation because of a great closed-back design
  • Compatible with many gaming consoles
  • Great sound performances due to virtual 7.1 surround sound

– Cons

  • It is heavier than its competitors are.

Panasonic RP-HTX80BE-K Headphones

These headphones are produced by Panasonic and it has a great design and stylish colors.

The ear cups of these headphones are made of synthetic leather that will provide more comfort around your ears.

The curved structure design of these headphones also helps in reducing the pain around your ears.

The sound quality of these headphones is very high because it has 40 mm drivers with the neodymium magnets.

The connection is done by Bluetooth only because it comes under truly wireless headphones.

The classic retro look of these headphones is one of the best in the list of best headphones under 7000 available in India.

– Pros

  • Great audio performance with sharp dynamic bass
  • The retro style is well-loved by people
  • Comfortable fit and low pressure around your ears
  • Very less in weight (190 grams) when compared to its competitor

– Cons

  • The battery life is lesser than its competitors.

Sennheiser CX 7.00BT In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser headphones are famous for their quality sound performance and advanced features.

These headphones come with NFC (Near Field Communication) fast pairing which establishes the connection between your headphones and smartphones instantly.

The multi-point connection is useful in switching between devices like computers and smartphones.

These headphones are perfectly fitted in your ears and provide great comfort. The earbuds will also provide great noise isolation.

These headphones are also portable because the weight of these headphones is lower and you can take these headphones anywhere without difficulties.

The weight of this headphone is 48 grams which are very low when compared to Over-ear and On-ear headphones.

– Pros

  • NFC fast pairing establish an immediate connection with smartphones
  • The Multi-connection feature allows you to switch between devices
  • Great music experience with clarity and superior bass tones

– Cons

  • It uses a low version of Bluetooth technology (version 4.1)

Logitech H600 Wireless Headset

These headphones’ ear pads are made with foam with a swivel-mounted design. It will prevent pain or numbness from long usage of headphones.

These headphones come with a noise-canceling microphone, which is very much useful in attending meetings and professional calls.

The drivers of these headphones provide a top-notch sound performance for hearing music, playing games, etc.

The noise-canceling microphone can be adjusted according to your need and for the best voice pickup.

These headphones are more portable than Over-ear headphones and these headphones have foldable features too.

– Pros

  • A noise-canceling microphone is useful in better voice capture.
  • The controls of these earphones are simple.
  • The swivel-mounted ear cushions provide cushioning effects.

– Cons

  • The foam in-ear pads cause a warm feeling when used for a long time

Plantronics 209747-22 Headset

These headphones provide a great noise-canceling feature and block the external noise.

The noise-canceling technology is also used in the microphone so it provides good voice pickup for professional meeting calls.

These headphones provide good sound quality and it works on a play-and-play system because it is a wired headphone.

Wired headphones provide unlimited playback time, which is one of the best advantages of these headphones.

These headphones are easy to use and a good choice for conference calls even in noisy environments.

These headphones’ cables are a little bit stiff so the tangling cable problem is reduced to a great level.

– Pros

  • Unlimited playback time because of a wired connection
  • Provide a good noise-canceling microphone for attending professional calls
  • Tangling of cables is reduced to a great extent

– Cons

  • It lacks various features in this price range.

Samsung AKG-Y500 Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are produced by Samsung with various features and designs.

The design of these headphones is very stylish and provides greater comfort than other headphones.

The soft ear padding also ensures the comfort of these headphones and reduces the pain or numbness on your ears.

The functions of these headphones are very easy to control and these headphones have ambient-aware technology too.

The ambient-aware feature is very useful in controlling how much noise you want to let in.

These headphones have a play and pause automation feature that will pause your songs when it takes off and playback when you place them back on your ears.

– Pros

  • Good sound quality and powerful bass tones
  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Long battery life and fast charging
  • Soft padding reduces the pain and numbness caused by headphones

– Cons

  • The design of these headphones made them fall very easily.

Cooler Master MH650 RGB Gaming Headset

These headphones are the perfect choice for gamers who want the ultimate gaming experience combined with great sound.

These headphones are very comfortable because of the super-soft ear cups.

The weight of these headphones is also very low when compared to other Over-ear or On-ear gaming headphones. The weight of these headphones is 282 grams.

Another feature of this headphone is RGB lighting which increases the gaming experience to a new level.

But the RGB lighting warms the ear cups and it results in warming your ears too.

The 50 mm neodymium drivers and virtual 7.1 surround sound system will immerse you in the world of gaming.

– Pros

  • Super soft and comfortable ear cups
  • Overall weight is lesser when compared to its competitors
  • Best built-in microphone and RGB lightings
  • Great sound quality for gaming purpose and hearing music

– Cons

  • Ear cups becomes warm while using RGB lighting

Sennheiser in-ear monitoring headphones

These headphones pack with great and quality features. The noise-canceling technology is used in these headphones and that blocks the external noise effectively.

It also provides a good fit and great comfort and is suitable for long usage. This type of headphones is more portable than Over-ear and On-ear headphones.

These headphones are developed with a new method which helps to replace the cables.

The patent is still pending but most probably Sennheiser will get the patents.

– Pros

  • Comfortable and sound quality equal to Bose true sound
  • The internal cable duct is a unique feature (replaceable cables)
  • Block passive noise from the surroundings

– Cons

  • The cables can get tangled together

Sony WI-SP510 Extra BASS Wireless in-Ear Headphones

The sound quality of these headphones is very good and it is accompanied by magnetic earbuds.

These headphones have IPX5 markings which resist water and sweat splash.

These headphones can be connected to smartphones through Bluetooth technology. Other than that, there is no way of connecting these headphones with smartphones.

This headphone is said to have great bass tones but many customers report that it does not have great bass tones as expected.

These headphones are more portable and compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

– Pros

  • IPX5 water and splash protection
  • More portable than Over-ear and On-ear headphones
  • Great sound with magnetic earbuds

– Cons

  • Battery and bass tones are not great as expected

JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless in-Ear Headphones

These headphones provide powerful bass and great sound performance. The dual connect feature enables you to make calls or listen to music with either one or both earbuds.

You can choose any songs and music with your voice command because these headphones can access both Google Assistant and Siri.

It uses Bluetooth v5.0 for connection and the connection between smartphones and headphones is made in an instant.

These headphones are portable because of their lightweight and small size and compact design.

– Pros

  • More portable than Over-ear and On-ear headphones
  • Comfortable and instant connect with smartphones
  • The dual connect feature allows you to call or listen to music

– Cons

  • It will fall off easily from your ears and bad noise isolation

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