19 Best Headphones Under 1000 in India| Reviews, Pros & Cons (2022)

Headphones are one of the unavoidable accessories for the young generation. Adults and young people use their headphones at least once a day. So headphones have become a part of our life. 

However, the good headphones provide good quality sound. So, after long research and product analysis, we have come up with the best headphones under 1000 in India.

Which is the right choice for you, In-Ear Headphones or On-Ear Headphones or Over-Ear Headphones?

The right choice of headphones always depends on you. Some people like headphones with high sound quality and some like comfortable headphones.

Therefore, it depends on the needs of the customer. So we will give a detailed explanation about all headphones. From that, you can choose any headphones according to their needs.

Headphones come in many forms but all of them are categorized into three types. They are

·        In-ear headphones

·        On-ear headphones

·        Over-ear headphones

Let’s see these three headphones clearly with their advantages and disadvantages.

Over-Ear Headphones (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Over-Ear headphones are popularly known for their top-quality sound performance and comfort.

It covers your ear completely with the earcups so that you did not feel any pain or resistance in your ears. This makes you feel more comfortable.

Over-the-Ear headphones were first invented by a Jazz musician and audio lover John Koss in 1958. He invented the first stereo Over-Ear headphones – the Koss SP-3.

The only problem with this type of headphones is their size. The size of the earcups in the Over-Ear headphones requires a separate space to carry.

While other headphones like On-ear headphones and In-ear headphones are easily carried in your coat or bag.

– Advantages

It has a lot of advantages. Among them, the most notable advantages are given below.

·        Top-notch Sound Quality:

–  The sound quality of Over-Ear headphones is top-notch.

–  Among the other earphones, it provides good and quality sounds.

–  By covering your ears completely with ear cups provides good isolation which helps to increase the quality of the sound.

·        Comfort:

–  Over-Ear headphones are the most comfortable headphones among the other headphones.

–  The Over-Ear headphones cover your ears completely so you did not feel any interruption or irritation in your ears.

–  Over-Ear headphones give you the feel of snuggling up with a warm blanket.

–  It does not press your ears, so you can enjoy listening to music or other audio for a long time.

·        Portability:

–  Over-Ear headphones are bigger than other headphones but you can fold them up and take them wherever you want.

– Disadvantages

The disadvantages of the Over-Ear headphones are listed below.

·        Large size:

–  However, while Over-Ear headphones are portable, they still have problems carrying with you.

–  Other headphones are easier to carry while the Over-Ear headphones require extra space.

–  Since it is larger, you cannot store it like other headphones. You need separate space for carrying it while other headphones can be easily carried in pockets too.

·        Expensive:

–  Over-Ear headphones are a costlier type of headphones.

–  When compared to other headphones, it is very much expensive.

–  The high-end Over-Ear headphones are even costlier than the other headphones.

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In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are perfectly fit into your ear canals. It contains rubber ends that will protect your ears from getting damaged by the headphones.

A French engineer Ernest Mercadier was the person who designed and was awarded a patent for the first-ever In-ear headphones in 1891.

He designed this headphone for the use of telephonists but later after a century, it is used for hearing the music too.

In-ear headphones are easy to carry but it is not as comfortable as Over-ear headphones and On-ear headphones. In-ear headphones are available in all colors and it comes with new mobile phones itself.

– Advantages

The advantages of the In-ear headphones are given below.

·        Portability:

–  The size of the In-ear headphones is smaller when compared to other headphones.

–  So you can carry it wherever you go without any difficulties.

–  You just wrap the headphones wire around your fingers and put it in pockets or bags.

–  If it is a wireless In-ear headphone then you do not need to worry about the tangling of wires also.

·        Cost-effective:

–  In-ear headphones are the cheapest headphones available in the market.

–  When compared to Over-Ear headphones and On-Ear headphones, In-ear headphones are cost-efficient headphones.

·        Availability:

–  In-ear headphones are more available than other headphones.

–  It is available in different colors like red, blue, neon, etc whereas other headphones’ color designing is limited.

–  In-ear headphones are often given as a free accessory with the new mobile phones.

– Disadvantages

In-ear headphones have various disadvantages. Among them, the most notable disadvantages are given below.

·        Sound Quality:

–  The sound quality of the In-ear headphones is not as great as the Over-Ear headphones.

–  Even the top-tier In-ear headphones fail to provide the necessary quality to beat the On-ear and Over-ear headphones.

·        Uncomfortable:

–  In-ear headphones are not comfortable like Over-ear headphones and On-ear headphones.

–  If you wear it for a long time, it may irritate and cause pain in your ears.

–  Some In-ear headphones do not fit into your ear. In that case, it may fall from your ear frequently.

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On-ear headphones

On-ear headphones perfectly fit your ears. It comes with a compact design and is smaller than the Over-ear headphones. 

It is balanced well between In-ear headphones and Over-ear headphones. It eliminates many disadvantages of both In-ear headphones and Over-ear headphones. 

However, it results in making new disadvantages for itself such as numbness in the ears.

On-ear headphones provide good quality sound effects and the good news is you can buy them within your budget. It can be folded up and taken anywhere and comes as one of the handy accessories while traveling.

– Advantages

On-ear headphones have a lot of advantages. Some of them are listed below.

·        Perfect fit:

–  On-ear headphones are a perfect fit for your ears.

–  It does not cover your ears like Over-ear headphones or goes into your ear canal like In-ear headphones. It perfectly sits on your ears.

–  Unlike In-ear headphones, it does not fall off from your ears.

·        Portability:

–  The size On-ear headphones are not too large and not too small, they are balanced.

–  So it requires minimum storage space in your bags.

–  The earcups of On-ear headphones are not bigger than Over-ear headphones.

·        Performance:

–  The perfect fit of the On-ear headphones provides good quality sound effects.

–  The sound quality and performance of the On-ear headphones are greater than the In-ear headphones.

– Disadvantages

Along with various advantages, On-ear headphones have few disadvantages too. They are given below.

·        Soreness:

–  Due to the constant contact with your ear, it will cause numbness or soreness to your ears.

·        Uncomfortable:

–  On-ear headphones are uncomfortable to wear for a long time because they will be set tight on your ears over time.

–  Sometimes the long usage of this headphone can cause pain in your ears.

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Lets Understand Which is the best, Wired or Wireless headphones?

Headphones have evolved throughout the years. Nowadays, headphones are available in both wired and wireless forms. But both of them have various advantages and disadvantages. 

The choices between wired and wireless vary from person to person. So, we have given a detailed explanation of wired and wireless headphones and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wired Headphones

Wired headphones are used by almost all the people who use smartphones because every smartphone comes with free wired headphones. 

Wired headphones are traditional headphones that are connected to your mobile through a headphone jack. It still uses the plug-and-play system, the most common headphones plugs have 3.5 mm, TRS, TRRS.

– Advantages

·        Cost-efficient:

–  Wired headphones are the cheapest headphones when compared to wireless headphones.

–  You can buy wired headphones in almost all the local mobile shops.

·        Best Sound Quality:

–  Wired headphones provide high-quality sound and bass effects.

–  Wired headphones are evolved throughout the years and available for low prices with high quality.

–  The high-end wired headphones provide a great experience of crystal clear music and bass.

·        Unlimited Playing Time:

–  One of the biggest advantages of wired headphones is unlimited playing time.

–  You can use wired headphones for a full day without recharging the headphones.

–  But in wireless headphones, you can hear for a certain amount of time.

·        Easy To Use and Repair:

–  It is very simple to use. Plug and play setup is used in all wired headphones.

–  You do not need excess knowledge about wired headphones to use.

–  Likewise, wired headphones can be repaired easily when compared to wireless headphones.

– Disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages of wired headphones are given below.

·        Limited Movements:

–  With the headphones plugged in, your movements are limited to a certain extent.

–  You can put the headphones within the range of the wire, i.e. you can move up to the length of the wires in wired headphones.

·        Tangling:

–  The wires in the wired headphones are twisted and tangled together to cause a confusing mess.

–  You have carefully straightened up the tangled headphones otherwise the wires can be damaged easily.

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Wireless Headphones

In wireless headphones, the audio is transmitted by three technologies. They are

–  Bluetooth

–  Radio Frequency (RF)

–  Infrared Frequency (IF)

The audio signals are transmitted by the radio or infrared signals depending on the device. You can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphones or TVs.

– Advantages

The advantages and benefits of wireless headphones are given below.

·        Freedom of movement:

–  With wireless headphones, you can move up to certain feet without any interruption.

–  Some headphones can transmit audio up to 100ft.

–  There will be no interruption between you and your smartphone.

·        Compatibility:

–  Wireless headphones are compatible with more modern devices.

–  Big tech companies like Apple also announced that they will remove the audio jack. So their only way to use headphones is wireless headphones.

–  Even Samsung also removed the audio jack in their high-end mobiles.

·        Portability:

–  Wireless headphones are more portable than the wired headphones.

–  Wireless headphones are the perfect choice for active people who are constantly moving around.

·        No more tangling:

–  It is a tangle-free headphone because it has no wires so there will be no more twists and tangles of wires.

–  Wireless headphones give a stylish look and are trendy among youngsters.

– Disadvantages

However, wireless headphones have various problems and disadvantages. Some of them are given below.

·        Limited Play Hours:

–  It is the biggest disadvantage of wireless headphones.

–  Wireless headphones need to be charged to hear music and songs.

–  The charge lasts up to 8 to 12 hours. So it plays only for a limited time.

·        Expensive:

–  When compared to wired headphones, wireless headphones are more expensive.

–  The maintenance and repair works of wireless headphones are expensive when compared to wired headphones.

References: BlogVava

List of Best Headphones Under 1000 in India With Latest Price, Reviews, Pros & Cons

In-Ear Headphones

1. Boat Bassheads 225 In-Ear Wired Headphones

Boat is one of the best headphone manufacturers and their products are always of good quality. 

This headphone also has many quality features. This headphone has PVC cable which makes it more durable and tangle-free. 

These headphones are In-ear type wired headphones. It is available in multiple colors and comes with a carry case. 

It has a noise isolation mic integrated with it so you can use this headphone for youtube voice recording.

– Pros

·        This headphone is tangle-free which means it will not twist together and confuse you.

·        It has a noise isolation mic. So this headphone will be the perfect choice for voice recording, especially for YouTubers.

·        Available in multiple colors and provide good quality sound.

– Cons

·        It does not have active noise cancellation.

·        It does not protect water and dust.

2. pTron Bassbuds In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

These headphones come with various features and benefits to the user. It is In-ear headphones but comes in wireless technology

It uses Bluetooth for connection and uses the latest version (Bluetooth 5.0) for wireless communication. 

It has 6 hours of playback time and allows you to manage calls and music without accessing your smartphone. 

It comes with a 400mAh charging case which helps to charge your earbuds 2 to 3 times.

– Pros

·        This headphone comes with good sound quality with 6 hours playback time.

·        It has a built-in mic and noise isolation features.

·        In addition, it comes with sweatproof technology. So, it is a good choice for workouts.

– Cons

·        The earbuds have a high chance of falling from your ear. So it needs some extra care in the grip.

3. JBL In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones

JBL gives promising products that include headphones under 1000. With a price range of less than 1000, it provides various benefits and qualities. 

The mic in this headphone comes with a noise cancellation feature. Thus making it a perfect choice for YouTubers and voice artists. 

You can use Google Assistant or Siri at any time by pressing the button for a long time. 

However, it is wired headphones but the wire does not tangle always. It comes in three colors and you can receive or reject calls in one button.

– Pros

·        The angled In-ear design makes it perfectly fit into your ears.

·        It provides high-quality sound effects and bass.

·        It can perform multiple functions like receive or reject calls, play or pause, forward or rewind with one button.

– Cons

·        However, the angled design helps to fit into your ears, you must need extra care because it may fall out easily.

4. Sony Wired In-Ear Headphones

This headphone provides comfortable and quality sound effects. It has a frequency range of 5 Hz – 24,000 Hz so you can hear the details of every track and beat in the music. 

The earbuds in this headphone are very comfortable and fit accurately into your ears. 

It is connected to smartphones with the help of a 3.5 mm jack that is common in all types of wired headphones. 

This headphone is available in multiple colors and the lightweight of this headphone makes it one of the best. 

The wire tangle problem is eliminated in this headphone by adding the wire manager. It helps to organize and prevent your wire from being tangled.

– Pros

·        It has a wide frequency range. So you can notice every detail and beats in your music.

·        It has a wire manager that helps with wire tangling.

·        It is lightweight and has a compact design.

– Cons

·        We did not see any significant cons in these headphones according to price.

5. Sennheiser In-Ear Headphone

This headphone also has a wide frequency range and a sound pressure level of 110dB.

It has excellent sound quality and strong bass. Along with that, you can notice the details and beats of the music.

But it has some disadvantages too. It does not have a microphone which is a big drawback.

But this headphone is portable and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere without any difficulties.

– Pros

·        It is a lightweight headphone and provides good sound quality along with an impressive bass response.

·        It has a wide frequency range and a great sound pressure level.

– Cons

·        It does not have a microphone and buttons to control volume.

6. Philips In-Ear Rich Bass Headphones

These headphones are manufactured by Philips with great bass performance and passive noise isolation.

This headphone has a perfect In-ear rubber cap so that it blocks all the external noise and makes you enjoy the pure quality of the sound.

It comes with 10mm drivers and an In-line mic. The best feature of this headphone is its rich bass and clear sound.

The microphone and call button to control volume is integrated with these headphones.

– Pros

·        It provides a good sound and bass.

·        It has a passive noise isolation feature.

·        It is one of the quality headphones available for low money.

– Cons

·        It does not have an IPX rating (the level of protection against water, dust, etc) which means there will be no resistance to water or dust. So you should take good care of these headphones.

7. pTron Bassfest Magnetic In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

It is one of the best In-ear headphones available on this list. It is connected to smartphones with the help of the latest version of Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth 5.0). 

It provides great bass and sound with IPX4 which means it has protection from water and sweat splashes. 

It has magnetic lock earbuds and external noise reduction. It has a high-quality microphone and you can access Google Assistant and Siri with this headphone itself. 

It requires charging and the charge lasts for 6 hours of continuous music playback time.

– Pros

·        It protects from sweat and water splashes. Also protect from dust.

·        You can access Google Assistant and Siri with the headphones.

·        The magnetic lock of the earbuds comes in handy and useful in many situations.

– Cons

·        We did not see any significant cons in these headphones according to price.

On-Ear Headphones (Pros/Cons)

1. Fingers Wired On-Ear Headphone

This headphone provides top-notch sound quality when compared to other On-ear headphones. 

It is designed for pc users but mobile users can also use it. It has an adjustable microphone so that your voice can be recorded perfectly. 

It is wired headphones so it does not need any batteries and chargers. It is well suited for gaming, video conferencing, speech recognition, and dictation because of the adjustable microphone.

– Pros

·        The adjustable microphone can record your voice with high quality.

·        It has a foldable option which makes it fit in a small storage space in your bag.

– Cons

·        However, the earcups are soft, it still gives pressure and might cause numbness to your ears.

2. Edict by Boat On-Ear Wireless Headphones

It is one of the best On-ear headphones available on the list. It has various features like dual connectivity (wired and wireless), lightweight, etc.

It has a 40 mm dynamic driver so the sound quality and bass tones will be higher than your expectation.

The earcups are also said to be made in a comfortable soft material so they will provide you a little comfort.

The soft ear cups also act as a passive noise cancellation system and block the external noise.

– Pros

·        This headphone has dual connectivity (wired and wireless connection).

·        The presence of a wired connection provides unlimited audio time.

·        The built-in microphone helps you to access the voice assistant like Google Assistant and Siri.

– Cons

·        It does not have a foldable option so it requires some large storage space.

3. MuveAcoustics Impulse Wired On-Ear Headphones

It is compatible with android, windows, and apple ios. It is wired headphones so you can enjoy the unlimited playtime of music and other audio.

This headphone provides powerful sound effects with rich bass tones.

The built-in microphone is used to receive or reject phone calls and record your voice for youtube purposes etc.

It is connected to your devices with the 3.5 mm jack and lightweight On-ear headphones.

– Pros

·        It is compatible with many devices.

·        It has a built-in microphone to answer or reject phone calls.

·        It provides good sound quality and performance.

·        It is wired headphones so you can enjoy the music for a long time without any interruption.

– Cons

·        However, the ear cups are softer but if you use them for a long time then it might cause soreness on your ears.

4. Zinq Technologies On-Ear Headphones

This headphone provides you dual connectivity (both wired and wireless) and a passive noise cancellation system. 

The earcups in the headphone give you good comfort and help you to block the external noise. 

It consists of 40 mm drivers so the performance of the headphone will be extraordinary especially the sound quality and bass tones. 

With Bluetooth, you can hear music for limited hours with unlimited body movements. 

Likewise, with an aux port, you can hear music for unlimited hours with limited body movements.

– Pros

·        Portability of this headphone is one of the main advantages because you can fold this headphone and take it anywhere you want.

·        It has dual connectivity that allows it to play music for unlimited time.

·        It is compatible with all mobiles, tablets, laptops, and music players.

·        You can see all the details of the music and the performance of this headphone is top-notch.

– Cons

·        It has many features but the big disadvantage is the weight of these headphones.

·        The weight of these headphones is 348 grams. It is very high when compared to other headphones (weight of 120 – 200 grams).

5. Sony MDR On-Ear Stereo headphones

This headphone has a wide range frequency and a 30 mm dynamic driver. 

So the quality of the sound will be crystal clear and high-energy neodymium magnets deliver top-notch sound performance. 

It has a foldable option so that it does not require too much space in bags.

It has soft ear cups so it provides some cushioning effect to your ears.

– Pros

·        It is compatible with many devices like smartphones (both android and ios), tablets, laptops, music players, etc.

·        It provides high-quality sound effects due to the pressure of neodymium magnets and a wide frequency range.

– Cons

·        It does not have a built-in microphone that is the only big disadvantage in this headphone.

6. Boat Bassheads 900 On-Ear Wired Headphones

The earcups in the headphones give more comfort and perfectly fit into your ears. 

The sound quality of these headphones is top-notch. With the earcups covering your ears, you can hear less noise from outside.

It has a PVC cable that prevents this headphone wire from tangling. This headphone is more durable than other headphones.

It is a wired type of headphone and comes in two colors (white and black).

This headphone also consists of an in-line microphone and is designed with passive noise cancellation technology.

– Pros

·        The soft earbuds provide a more comfortable and good environment for hearing music.

·        It is more durable and free from wire tangling.

·        It consists of an In-line mic which is useful for voice recording and attending calls through the microphone.

– Cons

·        It does not have an active noise cancellation feature in it.

·        It does not have an IPX rating that means they have no resistance to sweat or water splashes.

List of Over-Ear Headphones With Pros & Cons

1. pTron Studio Over-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

Over-ear headphones are popular for their sound quality and bass. These headphones also provide very good sound quality and bass effects. 

It is wireless type headphones that use the latest version (Bluetooth 5.0) for connectivity. 

It can play 12 hours of continuous music and allows you to answer any calls. 

It provides you the passive noise isolation by covering your ears with its earcups. 

The earbuds are also made of soft and comfortable foam which provides top-notch comfort.

– Pros

·        It provides top-notch bass and sound effects when compared to both In-ear and On-ear headphones.

·        The ear cups are made up of soft foam so it does not develop any pressure over your ears.

·        It blocks the external noise (passive noise cancellation).

– Cons

·        Due to the large size, it requires extra space in your bag to store or carry it.

2. Boult Audio Bass Buds Over-Ear Headphones

It is one of the budget-friendly and quality. Over-ear headphones available on the list. 

It is compatible with various things that include laptops, computers, smart TVs, android and ios, tablets, etc. You can answer your calls with a high-quality microphone.

With the built-in microphone, you can access Google Assistant and Siri with your voice. 

The earcups also provide a cushioning effect to your ears so you will not feel any pain around your ears. 

You can perform actions like an answer or reject calls and play or pause the music.

– Pros

·        It is compatible with many things like laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.

·        It has an impeccable bass response and great sound quality.

·        You can perform many functions like accessing Google assistant and Siri, answer or reject calls, etc.

– Cons

·        It requires some extra storage space, other than that, we did not see any significant cons in these headphones according to price.

3. Leaf Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

This headphone is one of the best over-ear headphones available on the list. It provides almost all the features you need at the price of fewer than 1000 rupees. 

From the sweat resistance to soft ear cups, it provides everything. It acts as both wired and wireless headphones. 

So there will be no limit for your body movement and no limit for your playback time.

You can charge and use up to 10 hours with wireless features and after that, you can use it with Aux cable to continue hearing it. In the wireless connection, it is connected through a smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 which is the latest version of Bluetooth connectivity.

– Pros

·        This headphone has dual connectivity i.e. used as both wired and wireless headphones.

·        The earcups block the passive external noise.

·        It comes up with a comfortable fit and top-notch sound performance.

– Cons

·        It requires some extra storage space, other than that, we did not see any significant cons in these headphones according to price.

4. Motorola Lifestyle Pulse Bass Over-Ear Headphone

These headphones come up with 13.6 mm drivers which helps to enhance the bass. 

The built-in microphone will let you access Google Assistant and Siri through your voice command. 

It also has the latest Bluetooth version (Bluetooth 5.0) so the Bluetooth connectivity will be faster. 

Another big advantage of this headphone is its lightweight and foldable options. It requires even less storage space with the foldable option.

– Pros

·        It will enhance bass and good sound quality.

·        The foldable feature comes in handy. This feature is useful for travelers who love Over-ear headphones.

– Cons

·        It does not have a minimum amount of protection to sweat and water splash. So it is not a perfect choice for gym guys.

5. Omniversal Bluetooth Headphones

This headphone also has various features just like other Over-ear headphones. 

Compared to In-ear and On-ear headphones, Over-ear headphones provide more features. 

If a size is not a problem for you then you should go with Over-ear headphones. These headphones come with both wired and wireless technology. 

You can connect to TV, pc, and phone with the 3.5 mm audio jack. It also has a wide frequency range and the playback time is also higher than other Over-ear headphones. 

It can play music continuously for 12 hours. The soft earmuffs will cover your ear like a soft blanket so that you will not feel any pain around your ears.

– Pros

·        It has a longer playback time than other Over-ear headphones.

·        Soft earmuffs provide good comfort around your ears and the sound quality is also good.

·        It has foldable headphones so less storage space is enough.

– Cons

·        It does not have minimum resistance or protection to sweat or water splash.

·        Other than that, we did not see any significant cons in these headphones according to price.

6. Digitek Over-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone

It is a wireless headphone with the latest Bluetooth version (Bluetooth 5.0) connectivity. 

The ear cups are made up of soft foam so it provides good comfort and acts as a passive noise-canceling system. 

It is compatible with smartphones (both android and ios) and other audio devices.

The aux port in this headphone allows you to hear music without any interruption. It will be helpful in case of airplane mode and connectivity issues.

– Pros

·        The soft ear cups block the external sound and provide you good comfort.

·        The quality of sound and bass is very good in this headphone.

·        You can connect it to your smartphone either by Bluetooth or by Aux port.

– Cons

·        It requires extra space because it does not have a foldable option.

·        The playtime is lesser than the other Over-ear headphones.

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