Can I connect two or three smart TVs with one Jio fiber connection?

Yes, of course. You can connect multiple smart TVs with a single connection of the Jio fiber internet. However, you will have to buy an additional wired connection for this purpose. You will not require any kind of router or wire for this purpose as your television itself is a smart device that has an in-built wireless connectivity feature so just follow the steps given below.

First, switch on your TV and then go to the setting option. A window shall open there within a few seconds. Select the network option. Now turn on Wi-Fi. After that, it will automatically search for available networks. Select JIO FIBER; the next step is to enter the password which you got along with the Jio fiber subscription plan via SMS. The password will be 8 digits long. 

You may receive a message saying “Network topology FAN-OUT” don’t worry about it. It is a temporary message and disappears automatically after 5 minutes of your device being connected to JIO fiber internet.

Once you complete all these steps, now it’s time for you to enjoy online streaming on multiple smart TVs with a single connection without any interruption.

Jio fiber connection is powered by advanced technology, and it has the ability to provide download speed up to 1GBPS. JIO FIBER internet is the fastest broadband connection in India till now, which gives you a superior internet experience.

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