6 Best Refrigerator Under 12000 in India (2021)

Here we are sharing a list of Best refrigerators under 12000 in India with detailed reviews. View and compare every model to purchase the perfect fridge according to your requirement and budget.

Before going to the Best Selling Refrigerator List, let’s understand about most common features, which come under the price range of 12000. So you can take better decisions according to your requirement.

What is an energy efficiency star rating?

Energy efficiency star rating is used to measure the overall efficiency of a product registered with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). This bureau comes under the Ministry of Power.

The energy efficiency star rating provides stars 1 to 5; the higher star represents the higher energy efficiency.

The products with higher stars are most likely to reduce your current bills.

If you have a refrigerator with a five-star rating then it is extremely energy efficient and keeps your electric bill low.

However, if you have a refrigerator with a one or two-star rating then it is not an energy-efficient product and it will cost you more money on electric bills.

Always give first preference to a high star energy-efficient refrigerator because it saves your electric bills throughout its lifespan.

You should check the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) logo for the authenticity of the label.

It is said that the appliances with star ratings consume 10-40% less energy than non-rated appliances.

More electricity results in more release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Therefore, buying products based on the energy efficiency star rating is trusted and helps you to save the environment on your behalf.

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What is an anti-bacterial Gasket?

Anti-bacterial door gaskets prevent your refrigerator from bacteria, fungi, and other microbes.

They also block the entry and prevent their build-up inside the refrigerator.

These anti-bacterial gaskets protect your refrigerator from stains, molds, and other odor-causing bacteria.

It also prevents bad odor from the refrigerator because the bacteria and other microorganisms cause the bad odor in the refrigerator.

How does it help to prevent the unwanted growth of bacteria and fungus?

Antibacterial door gaskets work at a micro-cellular level. It protects and prevents the growth of micro-organism with the help of antibacterial solutions present in it.

The antibacterial solution continually disrupts to the point where no more microorganisms and bacteria can survive inside or on the product shelf of the refrigerator.

The natural polymers in the antibacterial solution inhibit or completely kill bacterial contamination.

Antibacterial solutions are mostly used in the food industries to ensure water sanitation and prevent bacterial contamination.

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Auto Inverter connect technology

Auto Inverter Connect technology is used to connect your refrigerator to the home inverter. It will be more useful in times of power cut or power shut down.

The auto inverter connect technology in the refrigerator will automatically take your inverter power and continue to run without any interruption.

While running on the inverter, it does not consume as much energy and runs on low power.

If you have an inverter in your home then buy a refrigerator with auto inverter connect technology. It comes in handy in times of the power shut down.

Once your refrigerator is connected to this auto inverter connect technology, then you do not need to worry about your food.

It remains fresh and healthy to eat at any time even in power cuts.

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Inverter Compressor

Compressors are commonly used for controlling the circulation of the refrigerant in the refrigerator.

Inverter compressors are more useful and efficient than a regular compressor. It controls the temperature by starting slowly and increasing its speed.

Then after reaching the desired temperature, it does not completely stop like a regular compressor.

Instead of that, it slows down and maintains the temperature of the refrigerator.

The inverter compressor is made by using Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors.

So they will run on a different level of speed based on the temperature of the refrigerator.

This inverter compressor can control the flow of refrigerants and change the temperature inside the refrigerators.


The benefits of a refrigerator with an inverter compressor are given below.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Unlike regular compressors, inverter compressors save more energy and thus keep your electricity bills in check.

  • Less Noise:

Even though the inverter compressor runs constantly, it does not produce more noise than a regular compressor.

  • Freshness:

The inverter compressor works continuously so it provides freshness forever.

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Insulated Capillary Technology

Insulated capillary technology is used to maintain the coldness in your refrigerator’s freezer for a long time.

The capillary carrying the refrigerant (the substance used for cooling or refrigeration purpose) is enveloped by a super cold gas.

So that the refrigerator can retain the freezer’s cooling even in power shut-down times. It can hold the refrigerant or cooling of the freezer for up to 12 hours.

This technology is very much useful because using this technology we can prevent our food for long times even in power cuts.

Many advanced refrigerators in the market are using this technology to improve their refrigerator’s standard.


Insulated capillary technology has a lot of benefits in the refrigerator. Some of them are given below.

  • Prolonged cooling:

This technology helps to prolong the cooling of the refrigerator’s freezer for a long time.

Up to 12 hours, a refrigerator can retain the coolness after the power cut.

  • Freshness:

Due to the prolonged cooling, the freshness of the food and fruits will be maintained for long hours.

There will be no wastage of food because of power cuts.

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What is the difference between direct cool and Frost-free refrigerators?

Direct cool refrigerators:

The cooling or circulation of air happens organically in the direct cool refrigerators.

It happens without the help of any external aids or technology. You cannot have any control over the temperature distribution of direct cool refrigerators.

Frost-free refrigerators:

Frost-free refrigerators do not need manual defrost of ice in the refrigerator.

They have a technology that prevents the build-in ice inside the refrigerator. Frost-free refrigerators are popular and mostly used in a home.

Difference between direct cool and Frost-free refrigerators


  • The cooling process of a frost-free refrigerator is more expensive than a direct cool refrigerator.
  • It is one of the reasons why frost-free refrigerators are more expensive than direct cool refrigerators.

Even Cooling

  • Frost-free refrigerators provide even cooling and maintaining a constant temperature all over the refrigerator while a direct cool refrigerator does not have this feature.
  • This feature of the Frost-free refrigerator is one of the reasons for its defrosting property.

Energy Consumption

  • Direct cool refrigerators are energy-efficient refrigerators because Frost-free refrigerators require more energy.
  • Even with the high star energy efficient rating of frost-free refrigerators consume more energy.


  • Direct cool refrigerators are used mostly in industries while frost-free refrigerators are used mostly in homes.
  • But direct cool refrigerators can also be used in homes and good for small families.


  • Direct cool refrigerators require manual defrosting but Frost-free refrigerators do not need any manual defrosting of ice.
  • Defrosting is an automatic process in frost-free refrigerators.

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List of 6 Best Refrigerator Under 12000 With Pros & Cons

Samsung 192L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

Brand- Samsung
Energy Efficiency- 2Star Rating
Capacity- 192Litres
Annual Energy Consumption- 203 Kilowatt Hours
Fresh Food Refrigerator Capacity- 167Litres
Freezer Capacity- 25Litre
Shelf Type- Glass
Material- Steel
Country Of Origin- India
Weight- 30Kg

This beautiful fridge comes with a simple bold design. Its freezer has a 25-liter capacity and the fresh food refrigerator has a capacity of 167 liters. The company claims that it makes ice 31 percent faster than the ordinary fridge. This fridge comes with high-quality glass shelves, which can hold weight up to 17 kg. An anti-bacterial gasket is used in the door of the fridge which helps the door to remain clean from bacteria and fungus. A smooth safety cover in the backside ensures easy cleaning and protection of fridge components from accidental damage.


  • Beautiful design
  • No stabilizer required
  • Makes ice 31 percent faster as compared to ordinary fridges.
  • High-quality glass shelves which can hold weight up to 175Kg
  • Antibacterial gasket used in the door
  • Comes with a safe & easy to clean back cover


  • There are no significant cons in this model. This fridge comes with a 2 Star energy consumption rating, you want a more energy-efficient fridge then you can look for Higher star rated models.

Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Brand- Whirlpool
Energy Efficiency- 3Star Rating
Capacity- 190Litre
Annual Energy Consumption- 168 Kilowatt Hours
Fresh Food Refrigerator Capacity- 158.5Litre
Freezer Capacity- 14.3Litre
Shelf Type- Glass
Material- Steel
Country of Origin- India
Weight- 32Kg 400Gm

This wonderful whirlpool fridge comes with insulated capillary technology, which helps to cool the fridge faster and keeps it cool even in a power cut for a longer period. An antibacterial gasket is provided for the door to prevent the unwanted growth of fungus and bacteria. The vegetable box comes with a beautiful honeycomb moisture lock which helps to keep vegetables fresh for a longer period. There is no stabilizer required for this model. This fridge can automatically connect to the inverter during long power cuts but you must check the inverter power requirement with the company if you want to use this product with the inverter.


  • Comes with 3 Star energy efficiency rating
  • Insulated capillary technology is used, which helps in faster cooling.
  • The antibacterial gasket is used
  • Auto inverter connect technology
  • No stabilizer required


  • There are no significant cons in this model But if you want more power efficiency then you can look for 4 or 5 star rated models.

Haier 170Litre 2Star Single Door Refrigerator

Brand- Haier
Energy Efficiency- 2Star Rating
Annual Energy Consumption- 208Kilowatt Hours per year
Fresh food Refrigerator Capacity- 152Litre
Freezer Capacity- 18Lires
Shelf Type- Wire
Country of Origin- India
Weight- 30Kg

This fridge is manufactured by Haier and comes with a beautiful diamond cut design. This fridge comes with a reciprocatory compressor which is sufficient for optimum cooling. It has wired shelves and comes with a budget-friendly package. This fridge has everything according to your requirement like freezer, vegetable box, sufficient space for fresh food.


  • This fridge comes with a budget-friendly package and can fulfill your all requirements


  • This Fridge has a 2Star energy efficiency rating. This means it will consume more power as compared to 3,4 or 5 star rated models.

Godrej 190Litre 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Brand- Godrej
Energy Efficiency- 3 Star Rating
Capacity- 190Litre
Annual Energy Consumption- 164 Kilowatt Hours
Freezer Capacity- 15.33Litre
Fresh Food Refrigerator Capacity- 160.08Litre
Shelf Type- Wire
Material- Stainless Steel
Country of Origin- India

Godrej is the oldest and trustworthy name in home appliances. It has completed 60 years in this industry. This fridge comes with a 3Star energy efficiency rating. Its compressor uses advanced inverter technology. Which helps to reduced excessive power consumption. This fridge has also an antibacterial gasket which is helpful in the prevention of bacteria and fungus. Its shelves are made of high-quality glass, which can hold weight up to 150Kg. The fridge has a jumbo vegetable tray that can hold maximum vegetables. This model has an inbuilt stabilizer.


  • 3Star energy efficiency rating means less power consumption
  • Less noisy compressor
  • Antibacterial gasket
  • No stabilizer required


  • We did not see any cons in this model, if you want a more power-efficient fridge then you can look for 4 or 5 star rated models

Koryo 225Litre 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Brand- Koryo
Energy Efficiency – 3Star Rating
Capacity- 225Litres
Annual Energy Consumption- 220 Kilowatt Hours
Freezer Capacity- 25Litres
Fresh Food Refrigerator Capacity- 200Litres
Shelf Type- Glass
Material- Polycarbonate
Weight- 36Kg
Country of Origin- India

This fridge is manufactured by Koryo company and offers 225 liters of the biggest space in his segment with a 3Star energy efficiency rating. The company claims that it can make ice in just one hour. Its glass shelves are made of high-quality material, which can hold up to 125kg of weight. Because of more space, it has the biggest vegetable box, chiller trays, and sufficient storage space on door shelves.


  • 225 liters of biggest space in less price
  • The company claims that it can just make ice in just one hour
  • 3Star energy efficiency rating makes it more economical.


  • No antibacterial gasket
  • Simple looks not so attractive like other models

 Haier 190Litre 2Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Brand- Haier
Energy Efficiency- 2Star Rating
Capacity- 190Litres
Annual Energy Consumption- 212Kilowatt Hours
Fresh food refrigerator Capacity- 172Litre
Freezer Capacity- 18Litre
Shelf Type- Glass
Material- Steel
Country of Origin- India
Weight- 32Kg

This Stylish and beautiful model is manufactured by Haier. The fridge comes with a 2Star energy efficiency rating. It has an Antibacterial gasket which keeps the fridge clean. Fridge comes with diamond edge freezing technology, which helps to cool the fridge faster. Like other fridges, it has a vegetable box, high-quality glass shelves for placing heavy loads. High-quality FUP insulation is provided in the refrigerator to keep it cool for a longer period. In this model, there is no stabilizer required.


  • Antibacterial gasket
  • Diamond edge technology for better cooling
  • FUP insulation to keep it cool in power cuts
  • No stabilizer required
  • Beautiful design


  • The only con is that it has 2-star energy efficiency rating which is less as compared to other 3star rated models

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