Zindagi Ye Nahi He Kisi Ke Liye Naat Lyrics ( A-Z Lyrics)

Zindagi Ye Nahi He Kisi Ke Liye Naat song is beautifully sung by Muhammad Rafique Raza Qadri. This song is a perfect example of how beautifully words can be put together to create a masterpiece. The lyrics of the song perfectly describe the feeling of not being able to find purpose in life. The lyrics are also written by him. In this guide we will look into the meaning of the song along with the lyrics.

Song Name: Zindagi Ye Nahi He Kisi Ke Liye Naat Lyrics

Singer: Muhammad Rafique Raza Qadri

Music Label: Muhammad Rafique Raza Qadri

Written By: Hadrat Taaj al-Shariah Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan al-Qadri


Zindagi Ye Nahi He Kisi Ke Liye Naat Lyrics In English

Below you can find the lyrics of song, zindagi yeh nahi hai kisi k liye in English

Zindagi Ye Nahi He Kisi Ke Liye Naat Lyrics

The song is about how everyone goes through a phase in life where they feel lost and don’t know what they are supposed to do. They may have all the material possessions that they could ever want but still feel emptiness inside. The lyrics of the song beautifully describe this feeling with words like (my life is not for anyone, everything in my life is for you).

The lyrics continue to talk about how someone can get lost and lose their way if this emptiness isn’t filled with love. But we find love in all the wrong places. The lyrics translate (I can’t control my heart, I just want to hold someone close to me).

The song then talks about how the person decides to take a risk and adopt the path of love. The lyrics talk about how life is not easy for someone who has chosen love as their way of life (the journey was tough, it made me question my decision).

The song then talks about how the person at this point in time feels like there is nothing left in his life except love. The song then describes how the person feels like he was never this close to God as he is right now.

The lyrics of the song talk about how the effort of finding love in life was not a waste. The song ends on a hopeful note while saying that one may find this love while looking at some else instead of yourself.

Muhammad Rafique Raza Qadri is a very talented singer and songwriter. He has crafted many beautiful songs in Urdu. We hope you will like this song as much as we do. Feel free to share your thoughts with us about the article and the song in the comments section below.

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