Restolex Mattress | Review & Prices (2021)

Restolex is a mattress manufacturing company in south India. Restolex mattress has earned the faith of its customers for its excellent quality and best-in-class customer service. Except for India, they export mattresses to Greece, Maldives, and Shri Lanka.

They almost deal in every type of mattress like coir, foam, spring, pocket spring, latex, and orthopedic mattress.

Restolex mattress detailed reviews with the latest price

Restolex Green sleep premium bonnel spring mattress 7 inch

This mattress’s internal structure is prepared with interconnected steel springs known as Bonnel springs. These steel springs are covered with high-density layers of soft foam and cotton to provide comfortable sleep. Its top layer is tailor-made built with high quality and anti-skid fabric.

Product highlights

  • Comfortable mattress for good sleep.
  • High-density foam and cotton felt are used for extra comfort.
  • The top layer is tailor-made built with high-quality anti-skid fabric.
  • Bonnel springs are used.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Extra bouncy feel.
Things to consider

Bonnel spring mattresses are prepared with interconnected steel springs, which create motion transfer. Motion transfer is a term defined as when one person moves on a bed, the motion is transferred to another side of the bed due to interconnected springs. It may disturb another person’s sleep. So, it’s always recommended that a Bonnel spring mattress is the right choice for a single person. If you have no problem with motion transfer, then two persons can go for it.

Restolex GreenSleep premium pocket spring mattress 7 inches

The main difference between pocket spring mattresses is that they do not create any motion transfer like a spring mattress. Its internal structure is prepared with independent pocket springs. Each spring is placed separately from another spring in a separate shell. Because of separate shells, the motion is not transferred from one spring to another. Outer layers are made of high-density foam and fabric. The top layer is made of anti-skid material.

Product highlights

  • Comfortable mattress for good sleep.
  • Made with pocket spring technology.
  • No motion transfers.
  • Do not retain any body heat in hot climate conditions.
  • The top layer is tailor-made with anti-skid fabric. 
Things to consider

A pocket spring mattress is costly than a spring mattress because it does not have any motion transfer. It’s a perfect choice for a couple and a single person. But keep in mind spring, and pocket spring mattress provides extra bounciness as compared to other mattresses.

Restolex resto signature premium memory foam mattress 6 inches

This mattress is made with antimicrobial protection, which keeps your mattress free from microbes like bacteria. In this mattress, memory foam is used which is super comfortable as compared to foam. Memory foam adjusts according to the shape of body parts and provides ultimate comfort. This mattress is prepared with foam and memory foam layers. Its top layer is made of superior fabric.

Product highlights

  • Super comfortable mattress
  • Prepared with memory foam for extra comfort.
  • Longer life span.
  • No motion transfers.
  • Antimicrobial protection
Things to consider

This is the most comfortable mattress. In comfort and cost, it’s higher in both terms than a foam mattress. Foam and memory foam makes a very soft combination. It adjusts according to body parts to provide extra comfort but it can retain a little bit of body heat in hot climate conditions. This mattress is an excellent choice for a couple and a single person.

Restolex Greensleep premium natural latex with rubberized coir mattress 5 inches

Latex is a natural material collected from the sap of a rubber tree. The sap is whipped into a froth and baked into cozy latex layers. Its internal layer is made of coconut coir fiber and foam. The upper layer is made of natural latex to provide extra comfort. The top layer is tailor-made with anti-skid fabric.

Product highlights

  • Highly comfortable mattress.
  • Mattress prepared with natural latex.
  • Internal layers are made of foam and coconut coir fiber.
  • Longer life span.
  • Do not retain any body heat in hot climate conditions.
  • The top layer comes with anti-skid fabric.
Things to consider

Latex is a costly material. So, mattresses prepared with latex come at higher prices. There are no significant cons in the latex mattress. A couple and single person can go for it if they can afford its cost.

Restolex Greensleep premium natural orthopedic coir mattress 5 inch

Orthopedic mattresses are specially designed to relieve back and joint pains. This mattress provides ample support to the back and offers comfortable, pain-free sleep. Its internal structure is made of coconut coir fiber, and upper layers are made of soft foam to provide extra comfort. Its top layer is made of high-quality fabric with an anti-skid layer.

Product highlights.

  • Comfortable mattress for those who are suffering from back pain.
  • Longer lifespan.
  • Do not retain any body heat in hot climate conditions.
  • No motion transfers.
Things to consider

Orthopedic mattresses are useful for a person who is suffering from back pain. They provide comfortable sleep. But they are costly than other types of mattresses. If you can afford its price, then a couple and a single person can surely go for it.

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