Peps Mattress Review & Ratings (2021)

Peps India is the largest innerspring mattress manufacturing company. For the past 30 years, they have earned customer trust by providing high-quality materials. We have provided in-depth peps mattress reviews with the latest price and discount.

Peps Mattress review’s with latest price and discounts.

Peps SpringKoil Bonnel 6 inch Spring Mattress with free pillows

This mattress is manufactured with high-quality interconnected steel springs also known as bonnel springs. The internal part is built with bonnel spring unit with anti-sagging technology. Along with the spiralok technique which helps to reduce motion transfer. Motion transfer is a term when one person moves on a bed and motion is transferred to another side of the mattress because of interconnected springs. But in this mattress metal wires are passed throughout springs to minimize motion transfer known as spiralok technique.


High-quality comfortable mattress

P.U. foam and rebonded foam and woven fabric is used to make it extra comfortable.

Built with Spiralok technology to reduce motion transfer.

Long life span.

Luxury mattress at an affordable price.

Does not retain body heat even in hot climate conditions.

Things to consider

Keep in mind spiralok technology reduces the motion transfer but does not completely stop it. For a single person, this mattress is an excellent choice but for two persons you have to bear a little bit of motion transfer. If you are fine with that then you can definitely go for it. It’s a great choice who wants a luxury mattress at an affordable price.

Peps Resotonic Fontaine 10-inch Pocket Spring Mattress

The main difference between a spring and pocket spring mattress is that a pocket spring mattress does not create motion transfer. In this independent steel, springs are used which are not interconnected. Each spring is placed in a separate cell-type container. That’s why they are called pocket springs. in this mattress, the internal part is manufactured with pocket springs and for outer layers, soft foam and fabric is used. The topmost layer is made of polyester knitted fabric which is wrinkle resistant and shrink-proof.


Highly comfortable mattress for better sleep.

No motion transfer.

Breathable layer and pressure absorbent layer for enhanced airflow.

Do not retain any body heat in hot climate conditions.

Things to consider

A pocket spring mattress is costly than bonnel spring mattress because it does not have any motion transfer. It is a perfect choice for a couple and even a single person if you can afford this price range.

Peps Tartania Pocket Spring 6 inch mattress

This is another high-quality pocket spring mattress at an affordable price. This is the almost same mattress as the upper but due to the 6-inch width, its price is less. Its internal structure is made of pocket springs and outer layers are made of soft foam and fabric. The top layer is made of woven fabric for extra comfort.


High-quality comfortable mattress at an affordable price.

No motion transfer means zero disturbance for your partner when you move

Longer life span

Do not retain any body heat in hot climate conditions.

Things to consider

This pocket spring mattress comes with 6-inch width it’s much affordable as com ed to 10 inch. This mattress does not have any motion transfer. so, you and your partner can enjoy interrupted sleep. It’s a perfect mattress for a couple and a single person. 

Peps Spine Guard 6-inch Spring mattress

These spine guard mattresses are also known as orthopedic mattresses. They are specially designed to relieve back and joint pains. This mattress’s internal structure is prepared with bonnel springs but in the outer layer memory foam is used along with soft foam. Memory foam is prepared with a special chemical process. It adjusts according to the shape of body parts and provides ultimate comfort to stressed joints. Spiralok technology is used in this mattress to reduce motion transfer.

Product highlights

100% pure memory foam is used in the upper layer to relieve back and joint pains.

Soft, fuzzy fabric is used for extra comfort.

Do not retain any body heat in hot climate conditions.

Longer lifespan.

Spiralok technology to reduce motion transfer.

Things to consider

This mattress provides extra comfort with memory foam and very suitable for a person who is suffering from back pain. It has reduced motion transfer because of spiralok technology but still has a little bit of motion transfer. This mattress is an excellent choice for a single person. A couple can also go for it if they can bear a little bit of motion transfer.

Difference between spring and pocket spring mattress

A spring mattress is made of metal spring, wrapped in fabric. It is further divided into 2 types: open coil and pocket spring mattress.

  • Open Coil Mattress
  • Pocket Spring Mattress

Open coil Mattress

 Metal springs in open coil mattresses are interconnected, therefore all the coils move together. Open coil mattress is also known as an innerspring mattress. 

 The biggest drawback of this type of mattress is motion transfer. When one person makes movement in the bed, the other one will be disturbed But some mattresses prepared with Spiralok technology helps to reduce motion transfer.

 Pocket Spring Mattress

 Metal springs in a Pocket spring mattress are not connected to each other, so each pocket spring moves independently while distributing your body weight according to the pressure level of your body parts.

 It allows good contouring around your body, therefore a pocket spring mattress provides more support and comfort to your heavy body parts such as the hip area and spine.

 It also helps to maintain good spinal posture, as a result, helps to prevent and provide relief in neck and back pain issues.

A pocket spring mattress is also known by many other names such as pocket sprung, Pocket Coils, Wrapped Coils, etc.

Conclution– Every type of mattress has its pros and cons. Always select a mattress according to your research.

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